US administration defines upstream reach of clean water laws

The Biden administration recently unveiled a new water pollution rule that will protect Americans’ access to safe drinking water, while supporting agricultural and local economies. The rule seeks to restore the reach of the Clean Water Act to its intended scope, covering territorial seas, interstate waters, and upstream water resources that significantly affect those waters.

This regulation is a significant step forward in protecting our nation’s waterways and the communities they support, as well as the drinking water of millions of Americans. The rule is a much-needed shift away from the Trump administration’s overly narrow definition of the “waters of the United States” (WOTUS) which had been overturned in 2021 by a federal district court.

The Clean Water Act of 1972 was enacted to protect the nation’s waters from pollution and preserve the aquatic and wildlife habitats they support. It’s clear that the Biden administration is taking the appropriate steps to ensure that the Act’s provisions are being met, safeguarding the nation’s water resources for future generations.

The EPA’s WOTUS rule is designed to protect both human health and the environment. It provides for a clear and concise definition of the waters of the United States, and what constitutes a “significant nexus” to a water of the United States. In addition, it helps to ensure that pollution is not only regulated but also reduced, which means cleaner drinking water for all Americans.

The new WOTUS rule is designed to protect our nation’s waterways by providing a more robust framework for pollution reduction and prevention. It also provides more clarity for farmers, homeowners, and other stakeholders in the agricultural and building industries. This regulation is a much needed step forward that takes into account the needs of all stakeholders, while ensuring the safety of our nation’s water resources.

Although the new WOTUS rule has been met with some opposition from farm and homebuilder groups, the Biden administration is steadfast in its commitment to protecting the nation’s water resources. This is a crucial step to ensure the health of our citizens and the environment, while also supporting local economies.

The Biden administration’s new WOTUS rule is a necessary step forward in protecting our nation’s water resources and the communities that depend on them. It’s clear that this regulation will help protect the health of all Americans, and the environment, while also providing clarity to stakeholders.

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