Programme of the Colloquium “AMAZON’S RISING VIOLENCE AND DISTURBING TRENDS” – 30 JAN- 02 FEB 2020

Ultimate Picture Palace (Jeune Street, Oxford OX4 1BN)
18:30 Beyond Fordlândia (Documentary Feature, Brazil, 2018, Marcos Colón)

With the film director and introduced by Laura Rival (ODID), followed by a Q&A session
Friday 31 Jan – Rhodes House (South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3RG) – limited seats
8:30 Arrival – registration
9:00 Welcome by Agrocultures, Amazônia Latitude and Oxford University/ODID

Homage to Darrell A. Posey (led by Laura Rival)

Roundtable 1
Voices of Indigenous Wisdom

Raoni Metuktire “Land, Life and Politics”

Joênia Wapixana MP: “Amazonian Politics – Inside and Out of the Brazilian Congress”

Moderator: Antonio Ioris

Roundtable 2
Development for Whom?

Charles Trocante: “Conflict between Modern Forest and Perpetual Capital”

Megaron Txucurramãea: “The Indigenous Struggle – Local and Global Consequences”

Deborah Delgado Pugley: “Oil Frontiers in the Peruvian Amazon”

Moderator: Vitale Joanoni Neto
12:30 Lunch / Networking

Roundtable 3
Learning and Avoiding Past Mistakes

Mark Harris: “Making of Amazon Societies/Cultures: Historical and Contemporary Reflections”

Cynthia Simmons: “Dynamic Amazonia – Lessons for a Changing World”

Moderator: Leopoldo Bernucci
15:00 Survival International Report (Fiona Watson and Sarah Shenke): “Current threats to Indigenous Peoples in the Amazon and Around the World”

Roundtable 4
Alternatives, Action and Change

Stefano Varese: “The Indigenous Politics of Belonging – Opposing Neo-liberal Extractivism”

Marina Silva: “A Message to Old and New Generations of Amazonian People”

Davi Kopenawa: “Falling Sky and Rising Consciousness”

Moderator: Susanna Hecht
17:00 Concluding Debate and Recommendations

Signature of the ‘Oxford Letter for the Amazon’
17:45 Talk by John Hemming, about his new book “Peoples of the Rainforest – The Villas Boas Brothers, Explorers and Humanitarians of the Amazon”

Venue: Oxford Centre for Tropical Forests
Saturday 1 Feb – Oxford Department of International Development (ODID – 3 Mansfield Rd.)
8:45 Introductions / balance of the previous day

Trends, Voices and Alterities

Paul Little: “Cycles of Ethnogenesis in Amazonia – Struggles for Social Recognition and Territorial Rights”

Jeffrey Hoelle: “Seeing like a Deforester – Agro-cultural Logics in Amazonian Frontiers”

Clarissa Fernandes: “History of Occupation of the Agricultural Frontiers in Brazil”

Vitale Joanoni Neto: “The Recurrence of Degrading Labour Relations on the Amazonian Border in the Late Twentieth Century”

Cristiano Desconsi: “The Production of Development Expectations and the Pace of Agricultural Expansion”

Kelly Camargo: “Soybeans and Urbanization in Brazilian Midwest – A Case Study of the Municipality of Lucas do Rio Verde”

Kanwaljit Singh: “Extractivism in Ecuador’s Amazon”

Rachel Carmenta: “Place-based Risks of Flammable Landscapes for Smallholders across the Forested Tropics through an Environmental Justice Lens”

Moderators: Cynthia Simmons and Deborah Delgado Pugley
11:30 Talk Leopoldo Bernucci: “Learning from Amazonian History and Literature”
Lunch & Artistic/


Mary Menton – “Not1More”

Sue and Patrick Cunningham – “Spirit of the Amazon”

Food of War Collective (Quintina Valero et al.) – “Artistic impressions from the Amazon Rainforest”

Special Roundtable
A Conversation with Different Generations of Amazonian Leaders

Raoni – Davi – Joênia – Megaron – Charles – Bepró Metuktire – Dário Vitorio

Moderator: Stefano Varese

Movie Session
Special Movie Session with the director Jorge Bodanzky

Pre-launch of his last movie: “Amazônia, A Nova Minamata?” (with English subtitles)

Moderator: Marcos Colon
17:00 Conclusion of the day
18:00 Maasai-Amazonian People Ceremony
Sunday 2 Feb – Oxford Department of International Development (ODID – 3 Mansfield Rd.)
8:45 Introductions / balance of the previous day

Roundtable 1
Concepts and Strategies to Rethink the Amazon

Carlos E. Sautchuk and Eduardo Di Deus: “From Amazonia to the Cerrado (and the World) – The Circulation of People and Knowledge in the Migration of Pirarucu Fish and Rubber Trees”

Julie Dayot: “They Want to Change us by Charging Us – Basic Services, Wage Labour and the Inevitability of Change among a Quichua Community of the Lower Napo River”

Maria Fernanda Gebara: “Perceiving the Amazon in the Anthropocene – Reciprocities and Conflicts between Material and Symbolic Worlds”

Miguel Hilario: “Socio-ecology and agricultural questions in the Amazon”

Antonio Ioris: “Agrocultures – Antipodes of Agribusiness and Development”

Moderator: Grace Iara Souza

Roundtable 2
Reactions and Perspectives

Fabio de Castro: “Transformative Farming System in Old Amazonian Frontier”

Ricardo Serra Borsatto: “Is the State a Good Partner in Advocating Food Sovereignty and Agroecology? An Overview About Brazilian Policies”

Claire Lagier: “La Via Campesina’s Agroecological Militancy at a Crossroads – Exploring New Research Avenues for Amazonian Studies”

Marilene Cardoso Ribeiro: “Dead Water – Development, Losses and Sensibilities”

Moderator: Paul Little
11:30 Final talk Susanna Hecht: “Critical Geography and the Lasting Problems of the Amazon”
13:00 Conclusion of the colloquium – Final celebration

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